The Business of Health Coaching in 2018 
How to make the money you want while still making time for the healthy life you want
Here is what I will cover...
Behind the scenes of my journey. The gems I took from owning a design company, running a wellness magazine, coaching school and more! (And of course, how they might serve you!)
My number one strategy to creating more health and wealth in my life — bright shiny object overwhelm has totally gotten in the way of this one, but no longer!
5 simple steps you can take today that will help you reach more people and bring in more money — why and how they work even if you  feel you have no more time!
Wednesday, January 24th
9:00am PST / 12pm EST
A bit about me, your host! 

I always lead with the fact that I am a mom of three. Most recently in my career, I am an author, speaker, and coach. I have launched a successful Kickstarter and a not so successful magazine. Before I felt called to inspire moms and families get healthier, I owned and operated a graphic design company for 12 years. I am obsessed with business and marketing models and how we can truly create a healthier planet!
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