The way I am creating health and wealth with the same elegant move.

Wednesday, May 31

10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
Here is what I will cover...
  • Behind the scenes of my journey. A story of weight loss, allergies, expensive hobbies and letting go.
  • My number one strategy to creating more health and wealth in my life  The advantage of good design in a crowded marketplace and where design can get in the way.
  • 10 simple tweaks you can make today that will help you  — how they work while balancing kids or other work.

A bit about me...

I always lead with the fact that I am a mom of three. Most recently in my career, I am an author, speaker, and family wellness advocate. I have launched a successful kickstarter and a not so successful magazine. Before I felt called to inspire moms, I owned and operated a graphic design company for 12 years.

A down-to-earth (and vulnerable) conversation with Mia Moran where she will share her quest for optimal health and abundance, and the most important lessons she has learned since changing her food 8 years ago and then starting a wellness company 4 years ago.

She will share the 10 shifts she thinks all mamas and entrepreneurs need to make to do their jobs well.

..And she will share a couple ways you might integrate those "shifts" this summer!

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